Working out your inner thighs is vital in ensuring that your legs are in good overall condition. The inner thighs are the most neglected part of the legs, and many people fail to place sufficient importance on working out the inner thighs. There are many reasons that both men and women should spend time exercising their inner thighs:
Reducing the amount of excess flab or fat on the inner thigh can help make clothes fit better, reduce the chance of jock or heat rashes, and can help improve one’s overall appearance.
Strengthening the muscles of the inner thigh gives one more power to lift items with their legs, more power when kicking or running, and more strength in the legs overall.
Enhancing the flexibility of the inner thigh muscles helps to reduce the chance of injury, makes life easier, and can even enhance one’s lovemaking and sexual potency.
These are just a few of the simpler benefits of working out the inner thigh muscles, and it is vital that extra attention is paid to strengthening the inner thighs.
One of the best ways to work out the inner thigh muscles is by doing leg lifts. These leg lifts are exercises that use the weight of one’s legs to do the workout, and they are easy to do and require little in the way of coordination. Anyone can do leg lifts as an inner thigh workout, and the leg lifts can be done in any place where there is sufficient space.

Bless this post. Finally reasons to work the inner thigh OTHER than a thigh gap. 

^ Agreed, this is the truth for athletes, not just that “thigh gap”



so trying these!!

Works your abs, legs, arms and pecks :)

these are intense! do them

do them 



Do these with a 3-5lb dumbbell in your hand. SO HARD
Mason twists are a fantastic ab workout because they work every area of the core. Incorporate 50 reps into your daily routine and you’ll have awesome abs in no time!!
TOTALLY doing this right now

mason twists hurt so good


so trying these!!

Works your abs, legs, arms and pecks :)




I do these all the time, and I hate them every time. The girls in my gym can do this so well it makes me so mad that I struggle with it.

Love these:3

These are miserable and awful.
And effective and amazing.

i used to do these all the time!!! glad for the reminder.  i’ll start again.  DANNY, are you seeing this!?